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LAST CHANCE: Get The 2013 FORBES 400 today!

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Dear Fellow Investor,
The eagerly-awaited annual issue of The Forbes 400 ranks the wealthiest people in America and discloses the financial feats that helped them build their incredible fortunes. And now you have the rare opportunity to get guaranteed delivery of that issue—plus 11 more information-packed issues of Forbes—for only $10.
That's not a typo. One issue of Forbes on the newsstand is $5.99, but through this special offer, you can get 12 issues of Forbes—including The Forbes 400—for only $10. But there's a catch. You must order before 09/29/13.
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What You'll Miss If You Don't Order Before the Deadline:
The Forbes 400 special issue offers you an encyclopedic look at America's wealth-creation machinery in action. Based on the activities of the nation's most affluent moneymakers, you'll learn what's actually happening in American industry, finance, communications, science and technology. And the rankings in The Forbes 400 tell you who's on fire (the newcomers added to the list) and who's fizzling out (those whose fortunes have fallen below the list's billion dollar threshold).
You don't want to miss The Forbes 400 plus the next 11 issues—especially now that you can have them delivered direct to your home or office door for an astonishing low price—only 83¢ an issue.
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Forbes launched its definitive ranking of the nation's super-rich in 1982. Back then the price of admission into this most exclusive of clubs was a mere $75 million of net worth. This year's entry fee ($1.3 billion) is roughly 17 times that of 31 years ago. Forbes listed just 13 billionaires at the time and the total worth of The 400 Club amounted to a mere $93 billion.
Today, our readers scour every word of The Forbes 400 as well as its multitude of charts and graphs for information and data they can find nowhere else. You would have to pay $5.99 for this issue at the newsstand, but if you act by 09/29/13, you can enjoy guaranteed delivery of The Forbes 400 for 86% off the cover price.
Forbes Offers Something Special in Every Issue:
You'll find that every issue of Forbes brings you page after page of intelligent inquiry and informed opinion—the questions and answers you need to help you decide on how to vote, where to invest, and the ways to enjoy the pleasures of American life.
Forbes' outstanding lineup of contributors and columnists includes Ken Fisher on Portfolio Strategy, Rich Karlgaard on Digital Rules, Richard Lehmann on Intelligent Investing, and so many more wise and witty observers of the global financial, economic and political scene.
And now, it's easier—and more economical than ever—to get started with Forbes. To place your money-saving order for The Forbes 400 plus 11 more issues for only $10, just click here.
For generations, Forbes has been known as "The Capitalist Tool". The time has come to put that tool to work for you. We urge you to take advantage of our special offer and place your order today.
Randall Lane
Forbes Magazine


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