Sabtu, 05 Juli 2014

Re: Good Legacy

Dear Friend,

Please take your time to read this message for it might be the most important humanitarian message you can or have ever read in your life. It comes from the heart of a sick woman who has a purpose to make life more convenient to those who has the gift.

My name is Monica Lemas and i am 56 years old. I am married to late Aloysius Lemas of blessed memory. I am a victim of Lung and bronchial cancer. Recently the doctor predicted that i have few month left to live and it is on that tenet that i am writing you this message and soliciting your service for this humanitarian endeavor.

My late husband is a diplomatic contractor with the institute of cultural diplomacy here in London and he died passionate about his profession. He left a good legacy before he died and it is this legacy i want to use and make the world a better place. The value is 10.2 million USD and i want the money invested in the promotion of inter-cultural diplomacy in the world. My husband wrote an unpublished thesis that makes the argument that if the world can be exposed to each culturally, then there would be no war again.

I want to use this money and support this project in your country and this is the reason i contacted you. Please write back through ( and let me know if you are willing and capable of helping me to actualize this dream and i will direct you on the steps involved.

Yours Sincerely
M. Lemas

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